F u t u r e 


- Royal Island Golf & Villas now is working on next 36 holes champion golf course, driving range and club house. The Club will be the No.1 golf course in Vietnam, especially located in a placid green island. (Photos as sample)



設計監造:RKS golf course design USA, NanPhong group Taiwan
建築規劃:Park HyattGroup亞洲首席設計師Mr. Joseph Neg設計

T h e   V i l l a s

- The Real Estate project will build the Fairway Villas , Resorts and Hotels in the coming future. (Photos as sample)

- 未來將發展房地產,球道別墅,度假中心 , 飯店 (示意圖)。



 The Present CLUB Business & Operation 球場現開放使用 , 深獲球友好評

A m u s e m e n t

- 18 holes Champion golf course is opening and operating from Dec. 2012 to present


Royal Island golf course No. 5 Par3, 230Yards